Performance v Participation

Should our priority be to get more people playing tennis or should we be focussed on producing future Wimbledon champions?

New strings, please

When did you last get your racket restrung? Are you sure you are using the right strings?

Growing tennis in Africa

To have the opportunity to see firsthand the impact that tennis can have on people’s lives in Africa was one of the most enjoyable and powerful experiences of my time in tennis.

A year to remember

There are possibly no words left to describe the phenomenal year that we have all just witnessed from Andy Murray.

New tennis season predictions

As the 2017 tennis season is about to get underway, here are my thoughts on who will be the movers and shakers over the next 12 months in the tennis world.

Tennis for anybody?

Tennis is an inclusive, adaptive, life-long, family sport and we have started on our journey to turn this into a reality in Liverpool.

Wheelchair Tennis Masters

If you have never watched wheelchair tennis live then I would strongly recommend you do so. After a very successful Paralympic Games, it was great to see some of the British players in action.

Watching the world’s best

I have been lucky to visit some of the best professional tennis tournaments around the world but there is something quite special about the ATP World Tour Finals.