Selling Tennis

If tennis is a business then who are the sales people? Who was the person that got you into tennis? Who was the person that made you love the sport?

What makes a great coach?

What makes a great tennis coach? What qualities are you looking for as a player or a parent in your coach? What do you need from the other coaches in your team?

The Tennis Workforce

How do you develop your team at your tennis venue? How do you make sure you have enough coaches and volunteers? Where do we find more coaches for our programmes?

Tennis in schools

Getting tennis played in school is crucial to growing the game and this is a challenge for many tennis venues and coaches across Great Britain.

Performance v Participation

Should our priority be to get more people playing tennis or should we be focussed on producing future Wimbledon champions?

Growing tennis in Africa

To have the opportunity to see firsthand the impact that tennis can have on people’s lives in Africa was one of the most enjoyable and powerful experiences of my time in tennis.

Tennis for anybody?

Tennis is an inclusive, adaptive, life-long, family sport and we have started on our journey to turn this into a reality in Liverpool.