Is tennis the toughest sport?

Is tennis the toughest sport to play? Can you think of another sport that has a season as long, where players compete in so many matches and where games can go on for hours and hours?

Tennis in the sunshine

This past week I was lucky enough to spend some time at the WTA Mallorca Open, watching international tennis on grass courts in Spain!

Aussie Open goes old school

The Australian Open has once again been a fantastic tournament but it’s the singles finals that we will remember for many years to come.

A year to remember

There are possibly no words left to describe the phenomenal year that we have all just witnessed from Andy Murray.

Wheelchair Tennis Masters

If you have never watched wheelchair tennis live then I would strongly recommend you do so. After a very successful Paralympic Games, it was great to see some of the British players in action.

Watching the world’s best

I have been lucky to visit some of the best professional tennis tournaments around the world but there is something quite special about the ATP World Tour Finals.