The Summer of Competition

The summer holidays are here and it’s the start of six weeks of non-stop tennis competitions at venues all across the country.

This is my favourite time of the year in the tennis world as our junior players will be competing in singles and doubles events in outdoor clubs and indoor centres over the summer.  It’s time for all our players to put into practice what they have been working on in training in the real life environment of the match court.

Although there are tournaments and competitions all year round, the summer provides back-to-back events, some of which have been running for many, many years. It is a great time for players to get singles matches but also to play a lot of doubles matches as well.

In Lancashire, there are several big competitions to play including Bolton, Wigan, Manchester and the Lancashire County Championships at the end of August, which is one of the biggest tournaments in the country.  In Liverpool, we are running the new HEAD Merseyside Tennis Open and I will be also refereeing the St Helens Tennis Tournament, which is in its eighth year.

Tennis is a competitive sport and all the squads and individual lessons cannot replace the priceless experience of playing matches against players of your own age. Playing at different venues, on different surfaces and in different weather conditions is also very valuable as players look to develop their games. The next six weeks also provide many opportuntities for young players to socialise and make new friends as they travel around the region to different tournaments.

Good luck to all the players (and their parents) who will be competing over the summer.  Enjoy the experience and work hard.  Thank you as well to all the tennis venues, referees and volunteers who will be working just as hard to provide opportuntities for players to compete and enjoy our sport.

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