Aussie Open goes old school

The Australian Open has once again been a fantastic tournament with some magnificent tennis, shock results and compelling stories.

But the greatest story of the tournament and what we will remember for many years to come is the singles finals line-ups of Roger Federer v Rafa Nadal and Serena Williams v Venus Williams. You would be forgiven for thinking we had gone back in time by at least a decade but these magnificent athletes have rolled back the clock to make it all the way to the final of a grand slam once again.

These four players have captured the imaginations of the tennis world for a very long time, winning no less than 60 grand slam singles titles between them, and it is exciting to see them commanding the spotlight once again. Tennis fans across the world will all have their favourites but it is difficult to not want all of them to win given their own personal stories and challenges they have overcome to make it this far in Melbourne.

Whilst Roger, Rafa, Venus and Serena probably have more tennis behind them than ahead of them, this is our chance to watch these classic matches one more time. When the seeds were falling earlier in the tournament, all the talk was about surprise winners and new players claiming their first grand slam titles but, for the time being, the future can wait. Let battle commence…

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