Wheelchair Tennis Masters

Today I was invited to watch the NEC Wheelchair Tennis Masters at the Olympic Park in London. The site has changed a lot since I visited for the Paralympic Games in 2012 but it was great to see that there is a legacy taking place at the Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre in terms of local people playing the sport but also international competition still taking place at the venue.

If you have never watched wheelchair tennis live then I would strongly recommend you do so. The standard of the sport and the quality of the play is extremely high and after a very successful summer for the British players at the Paralympics in Rio, it was great to see some of them in action. It was also a chance to catch up with some old friends and colleagues as well from the Tennis Foundation, who continue to do great work in this part of the game.

Those of us who work in tennis every day must not forget what a wonderful sport we have and how truly inclusive it can be.  We are lucky to have a game that so many people can play just by making changes to the equipment, court or ball and we must remember this when we are promoting our sport.

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